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Game Console Repairs for the Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle & Kuna areas

We offer professional and affordable game console repair services within the Treasure Valley. We repair most issues that come up with gaming consoles to include hard drive replacents, DVD / disc / disk drives, HDMI ports, Wifi Cards and More. If we don't have your device issue listed, feel free to call or drop off your device for a free quote. 

• HDMI Port Repairs
• DVD / Disc Drive Repair 
• Hard drive failure Repair - Call for quote
• Other Issues - Call for quote

Game Console Repair in Idaho
Your outlet for fun and relaxation after (or instead of!) work or school is gaming. Gaming allows you to unwind and forget about the pressures of daily life. But it’s not relaxing if your games keep lagging or your console is giving you other problems. When you need game console repair, bring your unit into Idaho iRepair.

Xbox Repair
You love your Xbox, but so much can go wrong with it: It won’t turn on, it keeps powering down, freezing, crashing, etc. Your video is pixelated, your audio is too low, you keep getting disc read errors. Whatever the issue, you need Xbox game console repair.

Trust the techs at Idaho iRepair for both Xbox One repair and Xbox Series X repair. Our techs are, of course, big game console fans, but they also undergo continuing education and training on changes and updates in the game console repair industry.

PS4 Repair in Idaho
Whether you need PS4 repair or PS5 repair, the techs at Idaho iRepair can help. When you encounter the dreaded blinking blue or red light, your PS won’t connect to your network or you can’t get your discs in or out, contact us for Idaho’s best game console repair.

We understand how nerve-racking it can be when you need Playstation repair — you wonder how long it will take and how long you’ll have to be without your game console. Rest assured the techs at Idaho iRepair are skilled and efficient and will complete your game console repairs faster than you would expect.

Nintendo Switch Repair
Your Nintendo Switch is your constant companion — it’s as much a part of you as your phone. You never leave the house without making sure it’s in your backpack. But how upsetting is it when you leave with a fully charged Switch and then when you take it out later it’s already at 50%? Why is your battery draining so quickly? At Idaho iRepair, we can diagnose and fix this problem and others.

Whether your controllers keep disconnecting, your screen is scratched or warped, you’re annoyed by dead pixels or your unit just won’t turn on anymore, come into Idaho iRepair for Switch repair. We’ll get your Switch back up and running, so you won’t be bored on the bus, in class, at home or anywhere your Switch can go with you.

Trusted Game Console Repair
What our customers love about us at Idaho iRepair is that we make efficient, lasting game console repairs for a fair price onsite. No one wants to bring their game console into an electronics repair shop only to have it mailed out to an unvetted, remote repair tech. We train and hire our own game console repair techs and they do the work right here. That means no third parties are involved, and you get your game console back faster.

Whether you have a Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo gaming system, rely on us for the most dependable game console repair in Idaho.

Contact us by Email or By Phone 208-901-1545

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