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MacBook Pro Repairs for the Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle & Kuna areas

Macbook Repair specialists, Idaho iRepair, can help fix your laptop and get it running like new again. Whether you need a repair, or want to upgrade your RAM or Hard Drive or SSD, we can help! We service all makes and models of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

• LCD Repair boise mackbook repair
• Glass Screen Repair 
• Keyboard Repair 
• Hard Drive Replacement 
• CD/DVD Drive Replacement 
• Upgrade RAM 
Battery Replacement 
• Mouse Trackpad Repair 
• Other Repair Services Available
CONTACT US BY SENDING AN EMAIL, text or call us at 208-901-1545 Or even Book Your Perfect Repair Appointment Time Below:

Best MacBook Repair in Idaho
Our customers love their MacBook Pros and their MacBook Airs, so when something goes haywire with them, they panic. It’s understandable — you don’t want to be without your laptop, and you’re scared you will lose all your data if it fails completely. Don’t wait — bring your device to Idaho iRepair for MacBook repair . Our techs have the expertise to figure out what is wrong with your MacBook and get it running correctly again.

Freeing Up RAM on Your MacBook
MacBooks are notorious for slowing down when you run short of RAM. It’s annoying because MacBooks are not cheap, and MacBook Pros in particular are favorites of designers, and you need adequate memory to store your work, whether it’s graphics, videos, movies or another type of design.

Yet, unless you’re willing to spend thousands extra, you’re stuck with 8-32GBs. You may have tried suggestions you read online for freeing up RAM without the success you hoped for. Bring your MacBook into Idaho iRepair for MacBook Repair to see if we can free up enough RAM for you. If not, we may be able to help you upgrade your MacBook by adding RAM. But you can’t add RAM to just any MacBook; it has to be a MacBook Pro, and it is only possible with certain models.

Replacing Your MacBook Battery
If you’ve had your MacBook for three years and it’s dying faster than ever or not holding a charge, you may need a replacement. It may be upsetting to users that they need Mac repair after only a few years, but it’s about the same length of time your car battery lasts, and it’s actually a bit cheaper.

Many of our Idaho customers who come to us for MacBook repair ask us how long it will take to replace their battery. The good news is that it is rarely more than a couple of hours. You can grab a bite to eat or take in a movie, and when you’re done, your MacBook will be ready for you.

MacBook Screen Repair
Whether you dropped your MacBook, closed it on a pen or your headphones, or you dropped a 20-ounce bottle of Dr Pepper on it, the result is likely the same: a cracked screen. Bring your laptop to Idaho iRepair for MacBook repair.

We can fix your screen easily, though it takes a bit longer than battery replacement. Nonetheless, if you have a cracked screen, we can often finish this Mac repair the same day you bring it in.

MacBook Repair for Keyboards
Many MacBook owners Google how to unfreeze or unlock their keyboard when it isn’t working. Sadly, this Mac repair isn’t that simple. The reason a MacBook keyboard stops working is usually due to dust, crumbs or other debris. Some MacBooks are more sensitive to this problem than others.

If your laptop’s keyboard isn’t working, bring it into our Meridian, Idaho, location for MacBook repair. We have replaced many MacBook keyboards over the years, and this Mac repair can often be done same day.

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