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iPad Air Repair - Screen LCD Digitizer

• Glass Only Repair (White or Black) - $109.99
• LCD only Repair - $150
• Glass and LCD Repair - $200

iPad Air Model Numbers: A1474 (WIFI), A1475 (Cellular)

Do you have a cracked iPad Air that you would like fixed? Idaho iRepair of Boise would be happy to fix your broken or cracked iPad Air.  iPads are very difficult to repair, so please allow 2-4 Hours for your repair. You can tell if your iPad is an iPad Air by it being "slimmer" than the older versions as well as having a "lightning" charge port similar to the newer iPhones.

iPad repair can be broken down into 2 categories. "Glass Repair" or "Glass and LCD" Repair. If you can see the screen just fine and there is no damage to the LCD or 'bleeding' underneath the glass, then all you need is your glass replaced. If the color image beneath the glass looks like a pool of color, or there are lines running across the screen, you will also need to have the LCD replaced. We also fix other problems with your iPad including: Home Button Repair, Power Button Repair, Wifi Repair, Camera Repair, Volume Button Repair.

CONTACT US BY SENDING US AN EMAIL or phone at 208-391-3491 for the LOWEST PRICES! 
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