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Unlock Your iPhone 


boise iphone unlockUnlocking your iPhone is different from Jailbreaking. Unlocking simply allows you to connect your iPhone to a service provider other than AT&T. It would allow you to connect to T-Mobile, or any other GSM network. AT&T is a GSM network, like T-Mobile... where Verizon, Sprint, etc. are CDMA. Idaho iRepair offers "UNLOCKING" of ATT iPhones, prices start at just $40. WE DO NOT UNLOCK SPRINT IPHONES.

What is "Jailbreaking" and "Unlocking" Your Iphone Mean? Jailbreaking your iPhone will allow you to bypass Apple's restrictions and allow you to install 3rd party applications from other app creators and not just the Apple store. Jailbreaking gives you other App stores like Cydia and Icy that have really cool applications that AT&T restricts. Jailbreaking your iPhone is completely legal and has not yet been ruled a violation of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

There are a lot of reasons to jailbreak your iPhone. In addition to 3rd party applications, you can also customize the look of your iPhone by changing the style of the icons and pages, customizing your ringtone and SMS tones, and allowing full 3g access to applications that apple or AT&T would otherwise restrict.

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